Hemingway and Sons delivery truck, Melbourne, AustraliaOur Story
In 1888 my Great Great Grandfather, Edward Hemingway, opened a small barber shop in Melbourne, Australia. That business eventually grew to become Hemingway and Sons - and later, Hemingway and Pickett - a distribution company for corner stores and barbershops, housed in a huge public warehouse, in the original location. My Grandfather sold that business when I was a toddler, but its legend loomed large in our family and the trucks still drove the streets of Melbourne as I grew up.
My version of Hemingway and Pickett opened in 2011, in the Silver Lake neighborhood of Los Angeles. For over five years we sold art, design and small furniture products for the home, with an emphasis on new items from Australia and local finds - what the original  Hemingway and Pickett salespeople referred to as “Fancy Goods”. Hemingway and Sons opened in 2015 and as focus shifted to the new store, in 2016 (after a brief stint in Echo Park) Hemingway and Pickett closed.
Ever since I forbid my mother from ironing my school shirts (she was doing it too poorly, in my opinion), it seemed I had an interest in clothing and how it looks. After having such a great time learning about retail and the neighborhood at Hemingway and Pickett, Hemingway and Sons seemed like a natural extension. A way to bring something new to our customers and neighbors.
I’m often asked how it came to be. How a musician and writer all of a sudden opens a retail store. I’m still not quite sure - maybe it’s just another creative project, in a life filled with many different ones - but I’m glad I did it. The store is close to my home and getting to know my community more and more over the years has been one of their greatest rewards.
The clothing we offer at Hemingway and Sons tends to reflect our history -  timeless and long lasting. Stylish, classic clothes, for men with little time for chasing big names and fashion trends. We’re always happy to help you create your perfect look too, one that makes you feel comfortable and that you can afford.
I hope you enjoy your stay and that I do the family name proud.
- Toby B Hemingway

Online Shopping
In 2018 we ceased allowing orders directly from our site. But we're happy to arrange purchases via email or over the phone. Just visit the Contact page to get in touch.
That way we can give you the kind of one-on-one service we pride ourselves on, wherever you are!


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